20 Satisfying Fish To Catch

Our world comprises 70% water that’s why it is no surprise that it is one of the primary sources of living. Fishers catch fish to bring food on the table, buy house, car, and send the kids to excellent schools. Yes, money is abundant in fishing. Some people also do it for a hobby, sports, or a way to bond with the family.


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Here Are 20 Satisfying Fish To Catch:


Also called the Broadbills. They are massive, migratory, and predatory fish known for their long and flat bill. Mostly found in the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans.

Yellowfin Tuna

Shaped like a torpedo with dark metallic blue backs, yellow sides, and a silver belly. They are migratory and found in the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

Bluefin Tuna

Also called the Northern Bluefin Tuna and earlier the tunny. They are abundant in both the western and eastern Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.


Found in cold areas. They are bluish or grayish and have a distinctive feature of erectile dorsal called the sail.

Giant Trevally

Also called the Lowly Trevally, Giant Kingfish or Ulua. They are a gigantic marine fish of the jack family, Carangida.

Atlantic Salmon

Found in the northern Atlantic Ocean and rivers in the north Atlantic and the North Pacific Ocean


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Known for its broad, fearsome look, and predatory behavior, the barracuda is a saltwater fish.

Lake Trout

Being a freshwater fish, they can be found mainly in lakes in northern North America.  They are also known as Mackinaw, Namaycush, Togue, Touladi, or Grey Trout.

Apache Trout

Also known as Oncorhynchus Apache. They are freshwater fish and is one of the Pacific trouts.

Muskie Or Muskellunge

Also known as Muskellunge, Milliganong, and Maskinonge. They are massive and found in North America. They are the largest of the pike family.

Arctic Char

Found in alpine lakes and arctic and subarctic coastal waters. They freshwater fish and are physically similar to the salmon with their silver skin.

Goliath Tigerfish

Also called the Giant Tigerfish or Mbenga. They are predatory freshwater found in Africa.


Found in Atlantic and the other to the Indo-Pacific Seas. They are the only Megalopidae air-breathing fish.


Also known as Siberian giant trout or Siberian salmon. They are found in Siberia and are available the whole year.


Also known as the common dolphin fish. They are found in off-shore temperate, tropical waters. They are also known as Dorado.


Found worldwide in tropical and subtropical seas. They are famous for sports because of their speed. They are known as Ono in Hawaii.


Also known as Pirarucu and is found in the basin of the Amazon River. They are air-breather which makes them required to surface to get air.

Nile Perch

Found in the waters of Lake Maryut in Egypt. They are Freshwater fish also found in Congo, Niger, Nile, Senegal, Lake Chad, Volta, and Lake Turkana.


Known as predators and are also known for sports. They are not easy to find, let alone catch. People who want to haunt them can be successful in the Bahamas, Costa Rica, and Belize.

Blue Marlin

Abundant in the Atlantic Ocean and is one of the largest and most gorgeous fish in the waters. They are mostly far out at sea.


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If you love fishing and would want to have a list of the fish you need to catch to have that sense of fulfillment, the list above is undoubtedly the best you got. Before going out fishing, research when and where the fish are available because most of them have a season and specific location.

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