2016 Honolulu Fishing Sport Month: Tips For Beginners In Saltwater Fishing

Coming to Hawaii to celebrate the 2016 Honolulu Fishing Sport Month was – and still is – the best experience we ever had as fans of this recreational activity. Because of this trip, after all, we were able to transition from freshwater to saltwater fishing in no time. That would have been impossible to do if we tried it without hundreds of veteran anglers coaching or giving us tips from all the sides.

Hence, to help fellow fishers to take on the seas and oceans without a problem, here are some tips to keep in mind.

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1. Know How To Care For Your Fishing Equipment

The first thing to understand is that your tools require higher maintenance once you fish in saltwater than when you stay in freshwater. The reason is that salt can speed up the corrosion of the metal, which mostly makes up the rod. You will have to rinse everything with tap water after every use or apply a silicon-based lubricant to keep saltwater from touching the equipment directly.

2. Ensure That You Can Cast Further

Offshore fishing is much different from doing the activity in lakes, rivers, et cetera. With the latter, you get to sit in the boat or on the bank, drop the line in the water, and merely wait till you catch a fish. When it comes to the former, on the other hand, you need to be able to cast your line further to boost your chances of luring anything. If that’s something you still cannot do, it is best to obtain a medium weight spinning combo.

Source: unsplash.com

3. Use The Changing Tides In Your Favor

Unlike in rivers or lakes where the water flows steadily or not at all, you have to remember that experiencing high or low tide is entirely probable once you are offshore. Despite that, you should not think immediately that this fact is disadvantageous for you. You only need to find out when the high tide will take place so that you can plan to go fishing for almost half an hour after that.


There is no more perfect opportunity to learn saltwater fishing than now. Good luck!

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