Angling Away Anxiety Through Fishing



Do you have any outdoor hobby that’s been keeping you busy? Or do you need one to break free from the stress and anxiety from work? Then you might want to try fishing.

Life is so unpredictable that it can be quite challenging to slow down and commit time for some R&R. Sometimes we can’t seem to relax despite the fact that the opportunity is in front of us just waiting to be grabbed. We have lost touch of how it is to take a break and breathe fresh air. We must remember that recharging and rejuvenating is vital for our health and well-being, and fishing might be just the way to do it. Here are some reasons why.

It’s Good Exercise. Fishing can be considered as a sedentary sport, but not if you include the long walks from your vehicle to the fishing area, the part where you carry your fish equipment including your chair and all your food and drinks. That is enough to keep your lungs and heart working. Setting up, casting off, and winding the rod is even a badass upper body workout.

The Outdoors Has Awesome Benefits. First off, it’s one of the best excuses for getting out of that crowded office that you’ve been working in for years. Second, the fresh air is beneficial to our physical and mental health. The sun gives off tons of vitamin D that strengthen our bones. It helps absorb calcium, which decreases inflammation and helps overcome depression. Finally, the outdoor environment stimulates happy hormones and encourages us to love what we’re doing. “Whether you suffer from seasonal affective disorder or not, the evidence is strong that getting outside just for a little bit can be very helpful.” says Andrea Bonior, PhD, clinical psychologist.


Me-Time. Time and again, studies on spending time alone have proved to have positive benefits for those who have had so much time being with work colleagues and other people who cause chaos and unrest. Having a bit of solitude from all the noise is great for rejuvenation and relaxation. Fishing takes your mind off the stressors and helps you focus on how to catch real fish.

Reduces Stress And Anxiety Levels. “Stress can seem omnipresent. Between working, socializing and taking care of the home, it sometimes seems we don’t have a minute to ourselves, let alone enough time to really take care of our bodies and minds.” says Sonja Seglin, LCPC. A lot of residents who live near the water claim that just living with the sound of the running water improves their mood and reduces their anxiety and stress. It somehow makes them happier. According to the study of Wallace Nichols, students performed much better academically when they were taken out to do the outdoors where there were waterfalls and rivers. He adds that as babies, we are made up of 80% water and that we dry up as we grow older. That is why being near water sort of nurtures us and places us closer to our natural state.

Learning And Mastering A Hobby. Fishing is not all easy. Casting a fly, for instance, is among the hardest things that a fishing enthusiast must learn. Fishing also develops more focus and patience, and doing it frequently will really get you hooked, as it is not only about sitting on a chair and waiting for something to bite on the bait. It’s about mastering the skill and instilling good values that one can use even in life. You’ll realize when you catch your first fish ever. The feeling is amazing!

Family Bonding. For a lot of families, fishing was first the grandfather’s pastime, and grandpa passed it on to Dad, then Dad to his son or daughter, or even to mom. Fishing can make for a memorable family bonding activity, especially when it’s coupled with hiking or camping beside the water. If there are kids, they can start learning how to ‘crab fish,’ as they might find fishing a little boring for them. It’s also a great way for parents to wean their kids away from gadgets for the weekend.


Business And Pleasure. For the entrepreneur who wants to close a deal, he can always invite his client to go fishing and use it as a business tool to talk about his brand. It’s relaxing, and it effectively promotes good mood and a harmonious working relationship between business clients.

Promotes Healthy Eating. If you start eating your catch, you’ll be leveling up your food options. The NHS suggests that one should eat two or more fish portions every week to add to your vital nutrients including vitamins, minerals, and proteins. If you catch and eat fatty fish, then you get to consume omega-3, a nutrient that’s food for the brain. Beasides, “Depression rates are higher among those with a Vitamin D deficiency. Fatty fish like salmon and tuna have the most naturally occurring Vitamin D.” Staci Lee Schnell, MS, CS, LMFT says.

These are essential reasons why one needs to try at least to go fishing if you’ve been looking for ways to get rid of your anxiety. It’s a breath of fresh air, a great pastime that’s clean, safe, and enjoyable, and it’s something that you, the family, and your significant others will benefit from.

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