Looking For A Therapist To Help You Overcome Boating Maintenance Issues? Keep Marine Oil At Bay Instead

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Having issues with your boat may be enough for fishers to need to see a therapist so that they can handle the stress it comes with. That is especially true for individuals whose primary source of income is fishing. With their boats requiring significant repairs and thousands of dollars in the process, some of them may give up on this livelihood and opt for another job that has such a delicate engine.

The question is, have you created a lot of memories with your family and friends on the boat that you are complaining about? How about the fish that you have caught, are they as big as what you have gotten in the previous one?

While owning a boat can cause you to deal with hardships at times, it also brings so much fun and fulfillment to a person. The most unfortunate time that we know of for boat owners is the winter season since you will have to park your water vehicle in a corner and wait it passes and the fish comes back.

The cold spell is understandably harsh not only for the humans and animals but also for the engine of the boat. That’s why you need to keep marine oil in your garage at all times. Check out the four advantages that it poses.

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What Is Marine Oil?

Marine oil, in a nutshell, is a lubricant that is specially formulated for boat engines. For outboard motors, there are two types that you can choose from: the two-stroke and four-stroke engine oils. Their difference is that the latter gets pumped on its own in the vehicle, while the former mixes and burns with fuel.

Why Can’t I Use Regular Oil For My Boat?

Auto and marine oils are different substances that you can never interchange. The reason is that the lubricants made for cars cannot protect your boat’s engine from water as well as the oil meant for it. If you insist on doing that, the engine will most likely become destroyed.

What Are The Benefits Of Keeping Marine Oil At Bay?

1. Useful In Emergency Situations

In case you live in an area where boating and fishing are the top activities, there is a high probability that you will not be the only boat owner who will want to prepare for the winter. When the season comes, therefore, the hardware store may not have enough supply of marine oil to satisfy the consumers’ demands. If they can, then the delivery may take longer due to slippery roads and whatnot. Though these are mere scenarios in our head now, they are not far from happening, so you have to make sure that you have at least a spare container of marine oil at home.

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2. Maintain The Motor’s Vigor

Like a senior’s citizen’s joint, the boat’s motor can also creak if it has not been in use for a long time. Thus, to ascertain that it will still run smoothly on the lake when the cold season is over, you are required to continually fill it with marine oil that can lubricate the engine. It will help if you find a product that does not mix with water so that ice won’t stick to it.

3. Protect It From Rust

The engine should have oil within – not water – because the metal can react to the latter and form rust. During the winter season, it is possible that if you leave the boat in the open and the original oil there dries up; the ice will take its place. When the latter melts, it will turn to water again, remain stagnant in the engine, and destroy it in the process. To avoid this, you need to sustain the amount of marine oil in the engine.

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4. Store The Boat Safely

Assuming that you would rather haul your boat in a shed than allow it to stay uncovered on the water, you will have to keep a gallon of marine oil on the side. It is because cold air can enter the gaps in the garage, and the oil in the engine may evaporate after a while. Having the oil in check can make things more controllable for you.

Final Thought

If you are always looking forward to those days when you can get on the boat and leave the land for a moment on it, you should think of ways to shield the water vehicle from the harm that harsh weathers may bring. Other than examining the parts of it regularly, or testing the motor to find out if it makes problematic sounds, possessing a bottle of marine oil during this period will make you less worried about your boat.