Angling Away Anxiety Through Fishing



Do you have any outdoor hobby that’s been keeping you busy? Or do you need one to break free from the stress and anxiety from work? Then you might want to try fishing.

Life is so unpredictable that it can be quite challenging to slow down and commit time for some R&R. Sometimes we can’t seem to relax despite the fact that the opportunity is in front of us just waiting to be grabbed. We have lost touch of how it is to take a break and breathe fresh air. We must remember that recharging and rejuvenating is vital for our health and well-being, and fishing might be just the way to do it. Here are some reasons why.

It’s Good Exercise. Fishing can be considered as a sedentary sport, but not if you include the long walks from your vehicle to the fishing area, the part where you carry your fish equipment including your chair and all your food and drinks. That is enough to keep your lungs and heart working. Setting up, casting off, and winding the rod is even a badass upper body workout.

The Outdoors Has Awesome Benefits. First off, it’s one of the best excuses for getting out of that crowded office that you’ve been working in for years. Second, the fresh air is beneficial to our physical and mental health. The sun gives off tons of vitamin D that strengthen our bones. It helps absorb calcium, which decreases inflammation and helps overcome depression. Finally, the outdoor environment stimulates happy hormones and encourages us to love what we’re doing.


Me-Time. Time and again, studies on spending time alone have proved to have positive benefits for those who have had so much time being with work colleagues and other people who cause chaos and unrest. Having a bit of solitude from all the noise is great for rejuvenation and relaxation. Fishing takes your mind off the stressors and helps you focus on how to catch real fish.

Reduces Stress And Anxiety Levels. A lot of residents who live near the water claim that just living with the sound of the running water improves their mood and reduces their anxiety and stress. It somehow makes them happier. According to the study of Wallace Nichols, students performed much better academically when they were taken out to do the outdoors where there were waterfalls and rivers. He adds that as babies, we are made up of 80% water and that we dry up as we grow older. That is why being near water sort of nurtures us and places us closer to our natural state.

Learning And Mastering A Hobby. Fishing is not all easy. Casting a fly, for instance, is among the hardest things that a fishing enthusiast must learn. Fishing also develops more focus and patience, and doing it frequently will really get you hooked, as it is not only about sitting on a chair and waiting for something to bite on the bait. It’s about mastering the skill and instilling good values that one can use even in life. You’ll realize when you catch your first fish ever. The feeling is amazing!

Family Bonding. For a lot of families, fishing was first the grandfather’s pastime, and grandpa passed it on to Dad, then Dad to his son or daughter, or even to mom. Fishing can make for a memorable family bonding activity, especially when it’s coupled with hiking or camping beside the water. If there are kids, they can start learning how to ‘crab fish,’ as they might find fishing a little boring for them. It’s also a great way for parents to wean their kids away from gadgets for the weekend.


Business And Pleasure. For the entrepreneur who wants to close a deal, he can always invite his client to go fishing and use it as a business tool to talk about his brand. It’s relaxing, and it effectively promotes good mood and a harmonious working relationship between business clients.

Promotes Healthy Eating. If you start eating your catch, you’ll be leveling up your food options. The NHS suggests that one should eat two or more fish portions every week to add to your vital nutrients including vitamins, minerals, and proteins. If you catch and eat fatty fish, then you get to consume omega-3, a nutrient that’s food for the brain.

These are essential reasons why one needs to try at least to go fishing if you’ve been looking for ways to get rid of your anxiety. It’s a breath of fresh air, a great pastime that’s clean, safe, and enjoyable, and it’s something that you, the family, and your significant others will benefit from.

6 Reasons Why Freshwater Fishing Is Good For Your Entire Family

In case you are on the lookout for an activity that you can do with your whole family, why don’t you try freshwater fishing? It is not a complicated sport at all. You only have to find a beautiful lake, hook the bait on the line, cast it as far as possible, and wait for the fish to come. Even the little kids in your brood will be able to understand what to do.


Despite the ease that comes with freshwater fishing, though, no one can undermine the health benefits it brings to the fishermen and women out there. To give you an idea, here are perks your family can get from the activity.

1. It Is A Great Stress Reliever

The primary thing to remember about fishing is that it won’t be successful if your concentration is not 100% into it. The water is the fish’s turf, and you sometimes need to be quick to catch them before they swim away. You also have to use your senses to determine where to find them.

Since the act requires all of your attention, it can stop you from thinking about your issues effectively. Your mind will be on the water, the line, the bait, and the fish, but studies or work will take a backseat. Thanks to that, you can relieve your stress and hopefully bring home yellow perch or bass after.


2.  It Improves Your Balance

When you talk about fishing, there is no way for you not to be on a boat or canoe at some point. Though you may stay on land the first few times you try it, you will eventually find yourself wanting to do more than dangling your feet on the edge of the lake or river.

This fact is beneficial for people who have issues with finding their balance. After all, it may not always be advisable to remain seated when pulling or casting the line. You have to tighten your core to stabilize yourself above water and be ready to twist your body anytime.

3. It Can Strengthen Your Cardiovascular Muscles

Not everyone believes that fishing is a sport due to how effortless it is to wait for the fish to get lured by the bait underwater. “The sun can make me sweat, but not the activity,” some may say. “I should try hiking with my family instead of doing that,” others may think.

What these folks fail to take into account is the reality that an excellent fishing spot does not come by easily. There are areas in rivers or lakes where more fish wander, you see. If it’s at the center, you likely need to use a canoe to get there. In case it’s on the other side, it may be necessary to walk or jog. Thus, even if fishing may not be an extreme sport, the additional activities involved in it will strengthen your cardiovascular muscles, for sure.


4. It Improves Lung Function

All animals are the same, in the sense that they cannot live in a polluted environment. The temperature and their habitat should both be in perfect condition. Otherwise, they tend to migrate to another place that is in a more favorable state than the previous one.

While it may be tiring to search for them – primarily if you come from the city – finding them entails that you have also practically found a sanctuary. It’s not rare to see a beautiful lake hidden by large trees, frankly speaking. These living things filter the carbon dioxide in the air and convert it into oxygen. The more you and your family spend time in that location, the more your lungs get cleansed.

5. It Helps With Weight-Loss Goals

Do you have a family member who wants to lose weight but is too lazy to go to the gym? You should coax that person to go fishing with you soon.


As mentioned above, the activity does not merely include hooking your bait and dropping the line in the water. You have to cast it a few meters away from your spot to ensure that that will be the only thing the fish will see. It won’t be easy to find a sweet fishing spot either. Depending on how sunny it is or how big your catch is, you will possibly be sweating after an hour or two. Hence, anyone can get rid of a significant number of calories through this sport as well.

6. It Enhances Psychological State

Imagine staying near or on freshwater for hours. You can merely hear the birds chirping from afar. You see fish swimming around your canoe or underneath your feet. Such sounds and visuals can give you and your loved ones the peace of mind that you may not be able to find when you’re all busy at work or school.


That’s the reason why fishing is said to promote positive mental health. When you do it, you can either let go of your problems or find a resolution for them. You will ideally be away from electronic gadgets and other distracting objects too, which are typical causes or aggravators of psychological conditions.

In A Nutshell

Fishing is sometimes a way for moms or dads to get away from home and be at peace even for a couple of hours. Although nobody can blame you for that, especially if you have loud kids, you should consider bringing them to the lake where you fish. There’s no guarantee that they will enjoy the activity as much as you do, but staying outdoors with the entire family may create lasting memories in everyone’s minds.

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